Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Asian food muruku

In south east Asia in the of month Deepavali housewife are busy perparing a kinds of crispy cake called Muruku. It was make of rice flour, salt, ghee (a kinds of Indian margarine) then mixed with herbs and water. When you visit most Indian house you will be served with this tit bits.

Besides muruku you will served with food will chicken curry ,lamb kurma, salad and vegetable together with tomato rice.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Asian Food Chicken Tandoori

Chicken Tandoori is one of my favorite dishes whenever I enter a Indian Food store. This Asian food is bakes in a tandoor, a oval shape clay oven with burning charcoal at the bottom. its is used to bakes the chicken and a kind of indian bread called Naan until the chicken and the naan is cooked . The chicken and naan is served with a kind of sauce to together with some curry. This items of food is seldom served at home as its take places and time to cooked for a small amount of people.

The recipe I got from a Indian cook. One whole chicken cut into four pieces, to parts of chicken leg and two wings parks. Seasons it with a spoon of ginger powder, one spoon of turmeric powder, cumin, coriander and chilli powder. Add salt, garlic and lemon juice. Season for twenty minutes and ready for baking. But so far I had not try to cooked this dishes by myself as I find it is easily to eat in a Indian restaurant.


Thursday, April 24, 2008


A dish of Asian food wet spring roll call popiah

Popiah is my favorite dish whenever I visit any coffee shop or food courts in Malaysia and consider one of the best Asian food in Malaysia but I like the Penang Popiah to most western which is called the wet spring roll. Today popiah and yesteryear popiah will much difference due to many hawkers stall people trying to make more profit from the dish thus cutting some dishes out of it. Popiah has its history in Chinese tradition and its most cook by most house holds women during the Cheng Beng festival that is during the month of April (all soul day). Much of its history was not past down to its young generation that the dish and the history story was slowly fading away during this festival compare to the Chang festival (Dumbling) which is still favorite practice by most Chinese people.

The skin of popiah are make of flour and today only few shops are doing the skin for sales and its requires skill to make the skin in round shape. The sauce are most buy from supermarkets or soya sauce shops. It is a combination of sweet and spicy sauce or a kinds of chilli sauce. The sauce are first spread on the skin of the popiah. The ingredents of the popiah are most vegetable. The white tulips ( Seng khung ) to the locals, carrots, french beans, garlic and onions. It is well boiled until the vegetable became very soft and then put on top of the sauce which is early spread. Fried bean curds which is chopped into tiny pieces, fried small prawns and crabmeat are place on top of the vegetable and fried spring onion op to add more taste. Roll it the way you roll a spring roll.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hon Poh Sping chicken a spicy Asian food

Asian food are rated as one of best crusine in the world. Most Asian foods are spicy and oily but I love spicy food. If you love frog or prefer as spring chicken in some Chinese restaurant. This dishes tastes sweet and hot. Using dry red chilli, garlic and spring onion to cooked. Some restaurant will cahewnuts to add more munchy.

One spring chicken sliced into pieced.
Six or seven pieces of dry red chilli.
Four or five pieces of garlic sliced
four spring onions, chopped into half inches length
Dark soya sauce, sugar

Heated you wok red hot, pour in two table spoon of cooking oils. Fried it with garlic, throw in the dry red chilli in the wok and then add sliced spring chicken and cashewnuts and stir well. Add sugar and dark soya sauce. Once is cooked throw in the spring onions, pepper and Chinese cooking wine.